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"Knowing leads inexorably to improvement."
Trouble Shooting in:
- Strategy, Planning & Operations
- Business Methods (ITIL, ISO, SAS70)

BDQ, Business Driven Quality, is about clear objectives and about pragmatic process improvement and efficient change management. The hypothesis is that if you understand company (or organizational) direction (vision), then you can determine the processes necessary to realize that vision. Once you know the processes, then you can determine the tangible deliverables of those processes and the associated criteria for evaluating both progress and success. This gives you the ability to measure effectiveness and quality. It also enables you to define and communicate not only company or organizational objectives but also the culture and ethics. While it is unrealistic to expect everybody to adopt these principles of operation, there will be a lot more consistency and cooperation if these fundamentals are clearly articulated and effectively communicated. In addition, we all know that once you've obtained buy-in to make changes, it is very difficult to maintain them. So there has to be an approach to making agreed changes stay in place once implemented. Change anchors are a way of making this happen. With change anchors, people kick the change anchor when processes don't work, rather than fighting against the change itself. The change anchor also supports them in achieving their day to day objectives, so it is more readily adopted, because it helps.